4140 Forged Counterweighted Crankshaft

This crank comes in a variety of stroke lengths and is an excellent choice for a stroker street motor on a budget.

This is a brand new forged 4140 chromoly counterweighted crankshaft with options of both stroke and journals sizes for the VW Type 1 air cooled engine. It is CNC machined from one piece of forged chromoly steel. These cranks are nitrided for strength and micro polished.  

  Air Cooled VW Type 1

Rod Journal:
  VW Journal
  Chevy Journal (Only available in 76mm and larger strokes)

Strokes available:
  69mm (Stock)
  74mm (Stroker)
  76mm (Stroker)
  78mm (Stroker)
  80mm (Stroker)
  82mm (Stroker)

Please Pick size and journal type when ordering Above.